Road safety in Brussels: working together for fewer victims on the roads

A key goal for improving quality of life in Brussels is to drastically reduce, or even completely eliminate, deaths and injuries on the roads. This “zero goal” for road safety affects us all. Everyone should feel safe when travelling.

The secret is respect between all road users: respecting each person’s individual situation, experience, age and mode of transport, and respecting the space they are using. Anyone can make mistakes - we all do it - but this should never end in a death or serious injury.

To be well on the way: what’s the Brussels’ recipe?

Road safety in Brussels means paying attention to other users and to shared public spaces. It’s about being aware of your impact on other users, the risks you take, and the risks you pose to others. It means looking out for and anticipating potential dangers, ignoring the distraction of your phone, waiting for pedestrians to cross the road, keeping a safe distance, wearing your seat belt in the car, and making sure your children are securely fastened into their seats. In particular road safety involves driving more slowly - since excessive speed causes accidents and makes the consequences worse - and avoiding drink driving.

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